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AGFEST 2023 - Carrick, Tasmania.

See us at AGFEST - Irrigation & Dairy Solutions Pty Ltd

2023 Agfest was a huge success and we has some many old and new faces pass through our site.


Agfest is a multi-award winning event and offers an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our products to thousands of people. We therefore extend an invitation to you to become part of our Agfest story this year on the in years to come...

We look forward to seeing you at AGFEST 2024 and finding your irrigation or dairy solution!

GEA 60 Unit Rotary Dairy, MILFOS Milking System including platform. Installed in Plenty, Tasmania, by Irrigation & Dairy Solutions Pty Ltd.


Otech Pivot Installs

Give us a call if you are looking for a Centre Pivot or Lateral Move System and we would love to provide you with a competitive quote for your irrigation needs.

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