Irrigation & Dairy Solutions import OTECH and RainFine Centre Pivots and Lateral Move Systems which can be designed and installed to your specifications.


Irrigation & Dairy Solutions Pty Ltd are the Tasmanian dealer for Idrofoglia.  We keep in stock Hard Hoses as well as spare parts to service the machines or for breakdowns.  We are a member of Irrigation Australia.  Irrigation scheme design and installation is provided by our qualified technicians at your request.


Irrigation & Dairy Solutions are the Tasmanian dealer for GEA Farm Technologies Australia. We stock a wide range of spare parts to service your dairy.  

We can offer you full dairy installations, turnkey solutions and a full service and maintenance schedule without hesitation.  


If you need an effluent separation system, better give us a call.


Irrigation & Dairy Solutions Pty Ltd are also dealers for DMS Afimilk products and Easy Dairy Herd Management and ID Systems.


We have access to Daviesway Dairy Equipment as well as being a dealer for Northern Feed Systems Feeding Equipment.

Water Pump Sales & Repairs
We can offer you water pump sales, repairs and maintenance for your household pump to your dairy or irrigation scheme.  
At Irrigation & Dairy Solutions Pty Ltd we like to service
your pumps regularly so you know that they
are in top working condition. 


Service & Maintenance Solutions

You didn't think we would forget about you after we installed your irrigation or dairy solution did you?  The answer is NO.


We pride ourselves on knowing your product inside and out and like to offer a service and maintenance

schedule to keep your equipment running to its optimum condiditon.  


Irrigation & Dairy Solutions Pty Ltd technicians are available to assist you with any questions you may have and we

like to offer a training program after installation so that we are confident that you can operate your

equipment and reap the benefits of a fully functioning irrigation or dairy solution.


Trenching & Excavation


Do you need a ditch trenched, pipe laid and then backfilled to supply water to your troughs or water pump?  


If the answer is yes, then we can help you.  


Irrigation & Dairy Solutions have a 1.6 tonne and a 5 tonne Excavator as well as a 50hp Ditch Witch Trencher available to dig that trench.


It has to be better than a shovel . . .


Irrigation & Dairy Solutions Pty Ltd can offer you a Poly Butt Welding Service. We have taken on some big projects recently in Tasmania and have gained a lot of hours perfecting our skills.  


Our welds start from 40mm Electrofusion pipes and fittings and go up to whatever size you require.  We can also hand weld those smaller or more intricate jobs that you might have.

Maxi Hay Feeders


Maxi Hay Feeders are designed and manufactured in Australia and we are proud to be able to supply you with a quality Australian made product.


The Maxi Feeder is easliy transported and can feed round and square bales. The unique design of these feeders keeps the fodder where it belongs - inside the feeder until it's eaten!  Each Hay Feeder will easily ab-lib feed 40 head and with the high cost of fodder a MAXI-FEEDER Hay Feeder can pay for itself in just a few months!